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Jill Damti-Feingold – Narrator and Dancer
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Was born in the U.S.A., one of seven children, to adventurous parents. Evolved from the world of gymnastics and water ballet ; Taught gymnastics and jazz for many years.
Has a degree in Film Making and Television; Is a narrator and actress.
Amongst others, she served in the Israeli Army as an officer dealing with juvenile delinquents. Jill is multi-creative.

Joined Amnon’s Chushihi” (Sixth Sense) troupe, and composed the “Two Worlds” performance with him
Was awarded assorted awards with Amnon.

  • Amnon & Jill give workshops, and have been creating choreographies for many years: for dance instructors, deaf children, sign-language choirs, acting schools, musicals etc.
  • Amnon & Jill have performed and been interviewed many times on Israeli television, as well as for BBC London and on a local channel in Washington DC.